Hi There!

DigiPhone 4S is Mine.. Becoz it has something that no other smartphone can offer me. What is that so special? It is all about SIRI.

What is Siri? Siri is the intelligent personal assistant that will helps me get things to do just by asking it.  It allows us to use our voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and etc. Siri understands our natural speech, and it asks back questions if it needs more information to complete a task, and it not like traditional voice recognition software previously. Wow!! Isn't that impressive?

Let's me 'Wow' u guys more by observing this simple diagram:
Do you get it? Not really? Okay, let me give another example. 
Let say,
I ask: "Remind to call my mother."
Siri ask back: " What time would you like me to remind to remind you?"
For every message and reminder that it get from your feedback, Siri will reconfirm it with you before sending the message and creating the reminder. 

In my opinion, it is best to ask 'who is siri' instead of 'what is siri'.Siri is an assistant for whom that will own iPhone 4S. So that, i'm very hopeful that DigiPhone 4S will be mine very soon.

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